'Salad Cakes' From Japan Are Here To Help You Get Your Five Veg A Day

You can legitimately have cake for lunch.

Healthy cake. Yup, it's the foodie dream which is now a reality thanks to Vegedeco Salad in Japan. Their colourful creations wouldn't look out of place at a fancy patisserie, only they are made entirely from vegetables.

Instead of layers of cream and icing, these 'salad cakes' are made from layers of marinated veggies. The sponge is made with soy flour while the 'icing' is actually tofu cream. The cakes are free from sugar and gluten and are suitable for vegans.

The creator of the 'salad cake' is Misuki Moriyasu, who sells them at her Vegedeco Cafe in Nagoya, Japan. She's even stared a 'Vegedeco Salad School' to teach people how to make their own vegetable creations.

A statement on the Vegedeco website says that "the concept of Vegedeco Salad is to be "fun to look at, "fun to eat" and "full of joy" using a new shape of salad."

Is this the ultimate guilt-free treat? These "cakes" are made with vegetables https://t.co/kzfy5pnGAIpic.twitter.com/XRzUbgR7Ez

— CNN International (@cnni) March 13, 2017