17/03/2017 12:36 AM AEDT

Grandpa Jim Was Stood Up For A Date And The Internet Is Not Happy

He bought roses and chocolates for her, but she never showed

Last weekend, 73-year-old grandpa Jim spruced himself up to go on a date.

He purchased flowers and chocolates then drove 45 minutes in order to meet the woman he’d been in touch with via

But despite his huge efforts, romance wasn’t to be.

Jim, from California, was stood up and it’s the saddest thing we’ve read since Papaw’s grandchildren didn’t eat his burgers.  

Jim’s granddaughter, 16-year-old Gabby Foresta, shared a photo of her grandpa ready for his date on Twitter, along with the bunch of roses he’d purchased.

She said: “My grandpa got all dressed up for his date, drove 45 minutes away, bought her chocolate and flowers and he got stood up.”  

The post has since been liked more than 25,000 times and hundreds of people are pretty devastated on Jim’s behalf. 

Talking to Metro, Gabby explained that her grandpa doesn’t know why the woman didn’t turn up for their date. He has left a message on her phone, but still hasn’t heard back.

“My grandpa was really sad considering he has never been stood up before, so he immediately came over to my house to talk to me and my mum about it,” she said.

“We instantly comforted him because being stood up can be very hurtful.”

Thankfully, Jim is feeling a little better thanks to all the support he’s received online and isn’t ready to give up on romance yet. 

“He really appreciates all the positivity and sincere comments he is getting and over all it really has boosted his confidence and is ready to go on another date,” Gabby said.

Let’s hope he meets the perfect woman soon.