18/03/2017 12:43 PM AEDT | Updated 18/03/2017 2:55 PM AEDT

Justin Bieber Does More Than Perform on Sydney Visit

Never a dull moment when the Biebs is on tour.

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Wax-figures, Hill Song and McFlurries have marked Justin Bieber's first two weeks in Sydney. He's been pretty busy since his arrival, it's a wonder he has had the time to perform at all.

As an unofficial "welcome", Madame Tussauds placed a wax-figure of the 23-year-old outside ANZ Stadium on Tuesday ahead of his concert with 70 000 fans.

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JBiebs wax figure welcomes the singer at ANZ Stadium

Bieber attended Hill Song Australia's First Colour Conference launch on Thursday Night. It wasn't his first Hillsong event in the country. In 2015, the singer spent five days in Sydney with rumoured girlfriend Hailey Baldwin when he attended the Hill Song Church Conference as a 'delegate'.

Bieber attends Hill Song Colour Conference, which looks very colourful indeed.

Bieber's eating habits have also been juicy news since he arrived in Aus. He made an appearance Cremone McDonalds in pursuit of a McFlurry on Friday afternoon. He has also been photographed enjoying a less-than-quiet lunch of chicken and greens at Chargrill Charlie's in Mosman.

Can the Biebs just have a meal in peace!

It doesn't stop there. Justin Bieber dropped in to NSW Police on Friday. For someone who has been in trouble with Australian law in the past, he did seem very happy to be there. Maybe he thought he should thank the coppers for policing his earlier lunch?

"Thanks for helping me eat in peace!"

Perhaps the most exciting Bieber moment for Aussie fans was when he ordered Vegemite on toast at a Manly Cafe. A risky move consider the spread is an acquired taste. Undoubtedly therefore, a big step towards initiation as an honourary Australian.