These Waffle Recipes Are Serious Brunch Material

Crispy bacon waffles with bourbon butter and blueberry syrup, anyone?

The weekend is a prime time to catch up on sleep and indulge yourself with a well-earned brunch. Especially waffles -- thick, fluffy waffles topped with all your favourite toppings.

While your stock standard waffles with maple syrup are great, there's a whole world of waffle creations you can bring to your breakfast table, both sweet and savoury.

Think chocolate chip banana bread waffles, peppermint mocha waffles, chicken and waffle sliders, and crispy bacon waffles with bourbon butter and blueberry syrup.

*Collective gasp*

Here they are. The breakfast waffles of your dreams.

1. Easy buttermilk waffles with mixed berry and lemon preserves

For a classic waffle recipe, these buttermilk waffles are a must. Think crispy on the outside, yet soft and pillowy in the inside, and all topped with a citrusy berry compote.

2. Cheddar cornbread waffles with fried eggs and queso

Savoury breakfast lovers, get your mouth around these cheesy, semi-crunchy polenta waffles. Topped with a fried egg. You're welcome.

3. Coconut waffles with pomegranate syrup

If you're after waffles that are a little bit fancy, try these rich waffles made with creamy coconut milk and toasted coconut, and a fresh pomegranate sauce to finish. Brilliant.

4. Chocolate chip banana bread waffles

If you can't decide between chocolate chip or banana bread, why not have both? These waffles combine the two flavours to create thick, soft and indulgent waffles.

5. Chicken and waffle sliders

There are no words for this savoury waffle sensation. Chicken and waffle sliders with spicy dipping sauces and topped with fried egg. Whoa.

6. Pumpkin spice waffles

If you love those warming Christmas spices of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice, these gluten free pumpkin spice waffles are for you. Fluffy, thick and full of maple sweetness, these waffles even have a sneaky veg thrown in.

7. Crispy bacon waffles with bourbon butter and blueberry syrup

These waffles are not messing around. Imagine crispy waffles with crunchy bacon bits studded throughout, topped with bourbon and brown sugar butter, fresh blueberry maple syrup, and more bacon.

8. Peppermint mocha waffles

Moving into chocolate territory, these chocolate waffles marry the decadent flavours of refreshing peppermint and homebrewed coffee to create a rich, indulgent brekkie experience. These babies are gluten free and vegan, too.

9. Peanut butter and strawberry jam compote waffles

If the sound of peanut butter-anything tickles your fancy, make these peanut butter packed waffles topped with a fresh strawberry compote. It's a PB and J sandwich in waffle form, and it's delicious.

10. Vegan carrot waffles

Channel carrot cake vibes with these hearty, thick cinnamon carrot waffles. The carrots brings a subtle sweetness to the waffles, while the whipped coconut cream on top bring the whole breakfast dish together.


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