17 Instagram Accounts Giving Us Green-Fingered Goals

Gardening has been touted as ‘the new food’ on Instagram - but with more than 10 million results alone for #plants and four million for #gardening, where can you find the best inspiration?

To help you achieve peak green-fingered goals this spring, we’ve sourced the best botanical-themed accounts the internet has to offer.

1. @theplanthunter

The Instagram feed for online magazine The Planthunter is carefully curated by Georgina Reid. The account celebrates ‘the innumerable connections between people and plants’ with plenty of stunning photos showing both indoor and outdoor inspiration.

2. @noughticulture

Noughticulture, by journalist Alice Vincent, is dedicated to the trials and tribulations of urban gardening. When something doesn’t quite go right, Vincent is quick to say so and she believes it’s a fundamental part of the gardening process. Her book ‘How to Grow Stuff’ is jammed full of sound advice for those who just can’t keep their plants alive. Check out her Instagram Stories for easy-to-follow tips on deadheading plants and more.

3. @cleverbloom

A lush account run by Erin, who describes herself as a ‘beginner gardener’. Clever Bloom features endless house plant inspiration. For those who only need look at house plants for them to wither, Erin’s feed will fill you with hope.

4. @toro_studio

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Falmouth-based house plant studio Toro shares regular botanical inspiration on Instagram. The artful photos will make you want to head to Habitat, buy all of the ladder shelves and fill them with blooms.

5. @seedtostem

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A delightful peek inside lifestyle and plant boutique ‘Seed To Stem’. Features all manner of weird and wonderful plants, plus countless posts that’ll fill you with interior inspiration. Giant bubble terrariums, FTW.

6. @succulove

An account that shares only the prettiest succulent shots from fellow gardeners. If you’re thinking of spending the weekend devising a glorious succulent arrangement, check out this feed first.

7. @tyc333

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Again, mainly a lot of succulents, but with arrangements like the one above, you can’t really go wrong. *Goes and buys some wooden clogs*

8. @theplantcharmer

Outdoor gardening extraordinaire (and vertical farming expert) Khaled has lots of helpful tips and tricks to help you make the most of your garden. Here, the thrifty YouTuber uses over-the-door shoe organisers to grow greens and strawberries, which he then ties to a fence. Genius.

9. @mossingarden

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Charles Loh’s feed comprises beautiful photography and gorgeous plants which, combined, make for an enjoyable bit of scrolling. His Instagram account is guaranteed to make you want to buy all of the plants.

10. @plantbypackwood

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Unusual plants like the one above (Tillandsia Funckiana, FYI) fill the feed of this Melbourne-based gardening studio run by a folk musician and actress. The pair set up Plant by Packwood because adding greenery to their home “instantly made them feel more creative and refreshed”, especially while living in the inner-city. The pair now have their own store where they delight locals with beautiful albeit lesser-known plants and succulents.

11. @mamabotanica.amsterdam

If there’s one thing Mama Botanica loves, it’s a strong indoor house plant. Her feed is full of fresh and exciting plant varieties, including this Marble Queen Pothos. What’s great is that she shares the names of the plants she photographs, so you can track them down for yourself.

12. @geo_fleur

#TBT to our #plantshelfie 🌿🌱🌴🌵🍃• geo-fleur.com #geofleur •

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An abundance of indoor plant inspiration from botanical stylist Geo Fleur. Plant shelfie game = strong. They also have a book out featuring top tips for becoming a green-fingered wizard.

13. conservatory_archives

Conservatory Archives based in Hackney, London is home to a variety of extraordinary - and in some cases, quite exotic-looking - plants. These pink earth stars, for example, are out of this world.

14. @plantsonpink

If there’s one thing this Instagram account has taught us, it’s that plants go really, really well with a strong pink backdrop. The account is curated by Lotte Van Baalen and is guaranteed to make you want to spend the weekend painting your living room walls pink and filling them with vivid green foliage.

15. @littlegreenfingers

Copenhagen-based Anne Herngaard is the perfect example of how you can live with plants, even with the tiniest of homes. She regularly shares shelfie inspiration as well as photos of the house plants that she shares her flat with. Londoners, take note. It can be done.

16. @still_______

Janneke Luursema is a professional plant photographer who shares photos of the most incredible foliage arrangements. If you’re looking to up your game in the indoor plant department, look no further.

17. @looseleaf__

More on the artsy side of things, Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler at Loose Leaf create mesmerising botanical installations for large events and weddings. Whether you’re looking for botanical inspiration on a bigger scale - or you just want to marvel at their grand designs - check ‘em out.

18. @tribeandus

Last, but in no way least, Kate Chilver is single-handedly proving that you can have a family and still absolutely nail it in the indoor plants / interior decor department. She’s even taught her daughter Marcie how to dust the plants with a paintbrush. An excellent effort all round.