17/03/2017 9:17 PM AEDT

Touching Moment Homeless Man Cries After Hair Salon Transforms His Look

A 55-year-old homeless man was moved to tears after a local hair salon gave him a free makeover - the first step to helping him turn his life around. 

The heartwarming clip shows Jose Antonio staring at himself in disbelief, after staff from La Salvajería salon transformed his look from unkempt to stylish in a matter of hours.

La Salvajeria / Facebook
Jose Antonio before his transformation.

The former electrician had become homeless after suffering from depression. He ended up living on the streets of Palma, Majorca, for 25 years, earning enough money to eat by working as an unlicensed car parking attendant.

La Salvajería invited Antonio for a free makeover, which involved cutting and dying his long grey hair and beard, and providing him with new clothes.

The salon filmed the process and captured the moving moment that Antonio saw his reflection for the first time. 

La Salvajeria / Facebook
Jose barely recognises himself. 

“Oh my God,” he whispered as he stared at himself in the mirror. “I do not recognise myself.”

With a huge grin on his face, he began to cry happy tears. “It is amazing,” he said.

The salon provided Antonio with new clothes including some bright red chinos, a white shirt and crisp white pumps, and then filmed him around the town.

La Salvajeria / Facebook

A local barman who knew Antonio well didn’t even recognise him when he ordered a beer. The 55-year-old also received a lot of attention from passersby, who stared in disbelief when they were told who he was.

The heartwarming video, produced by Dr Filmgood for the salon’s third birthday, has been viewed more than 600,000 times on Facebook.

The film was originally shot in 2015, however it has only just been shared online.

Antonio, now clean-shaven, has managed to get off the streets.

In an interview with Spanish TV, Salva Garcia, the owner of the salon, said Antonio had received financial assistance from an anonymous company.

The 55-year-old revealed that he’s now looking for full-time work. According to The Mirror, he said: “It wasn’t just a change of look. It changed my life. What I want now is a proper job.”

La Salvajeria / Facebook
Jose is now looking for a job.