21/03/2017 8:38 AM AEDT | Updated 21/03/2017 8:55 PM AEDT

Sydney Teen Charged With Raping Unconscious Schoolgirl

Another student was charged with filming and distributing the footage online.

kokkai via Getty Images
The schoolgirl reportedly didn't know she'd been raped until she saw the footage, which has allegedly been shared with up to 50 others..

Two Sydney teenagers have been charged in connection with the rape of an unconscious 15-year-old schoolgirl and the filming of the assault, which was then distributed to up to 50 others on social media.

One 15-year-old Cranbrook School boy was charged on Tuesday with aggravated sexual assault of a child and another 15-year-old Rose Bay Secondary College male student charged with filming a young person committing a sexual act on another young person without consent, producing child abuse material and distributing that material on social media, after pleading not guilty in the Children's Court in Glebe on Monday.

NSW Police alleged the rape occurred at a house party in Bellevue Hill on March 4, but was not reported to police until 12 days later.

The young victim is believed to have been unconscious at the time of the attack and did not even realise she'd been assaulted until she saw the video on social media days later, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Police had previously seized the boy's phone and allegedly found footage of the assault after teachers from the Cranbrook School alerted police after the footage was distributed among at least 50 students, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Child cyber safety experts have also raised concerns the 50 students possibly implicated in connection to the assault could be placed on a sex offenders register if convicted of the possession of child pornography, according to the ABC.

On Monday, Magistrate Jeffrey Hogg ordered one of the boys not to "approach, threaten, stalk, harass or intimidate the alleged victim or damage any of her property".

The student agreed not to approach the schoolgirl or go near her school in Sydney's eastern suburbs.


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