22/03/2017 8:26 AM AEDT | Updated 22/03/2017 9:18 AM AEDT

Man Arrested In Newcastle After Alleged Crime Spree, 17-Hour Stand Off With Police

The accused allegedly carried out a random stabbing attack of three men in a gym.

Newcastle Herald

A 27-year-old man has been taken into custody after a random triple stabbing at a Sydney gym and a tense standoff with police from the roof of a townhouse in Newcastle.

According to the Newcastle Herald, Ricky Kincheila was arrested around 4.45am after spending a night on a roof in Tighes Hill, Newcastle.

Police told the Newcastle Herald the arrest was made following a "long night".

"This person of interest was not interested in giving himself up, so his arrest was affected by us and it was taken by force. But I'm happy to say it ended the best possible way it could have, with no serious injuries to any person," Detective Acting Inspector Jeff Little said.

Newcastle Herald

One of the busiest streets in Newcastle, Maitland Road, was closed during the drama as Kincheila refused to get off the roof. Police had to evacuate the surrounding homes and close local streets from midday on Tuesday.

Kincheila didn't just stay on one roof -- he was spotted jumping onto other rooftops before lying down in a place he couldn't be seen from the street.

He eventually was forced to come down from the roof before 5am Wednesday when police arrested him.

The events followed a random stabbing of three men at a Northern Beaches gym on Monday night. Police told The Newcastle Herald Kincheila is also suspected of armed robberies at two service stations hours after the alleged stabbings.

It's alleged Kincheila stole a car and drove it to the gym in Brookvale, Sydney, where he allegedly stabbed three men who were working out. One victim was stabbed in the neck and rush to hospital for surgery.

The other two men were taken to hospital suffering from multiple stab wounds to the torso and arms.

Police allege Kincheila drove to Newcastle where he held up two service stations on Maitland Road.

According to Fairfax Media, CCTV footage at one service station shows a man behind the counter trying to open the cash register, while a horrified shop assistant and customer are standing by. In the vision, the man tries to open the cash register with a knife and then starts to kick it.

Marina Neil/Fairfax Media

Police eventually tracked Kincheila down to the Maitland Road address following enquiries in the wake of the stabbings and service station robberies.

Detective Inspector Peter Mahon told the Newcastle Star police were prepared to negotiate with Kincheila for as long as it took.

"When we approached the premises, he's obviously seen us and jumped out the window," said Mahon at the time.