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Mum's Parenting Hack Allows Her To Leave The Room Without Baby Crying

A mum has shared her genius trick that enables parents to leave a baby’s side without them crying that you’re not there.

She shared the parenting hack on a Chilean Facebook page called ‘Maternidarks’ along with a photo showing how to do it.

“My baby is going through that stage in which when I’m out of his sight, he starts crying, and I need to make lunch,” she wrote on 16 March.

“He doesn’t want me to hold him or to play with him, he just needs to feel that I’m sitting there.”

“He doesn’t even look at me in the eyes, only turns around to check that me (or my leg), is indeed, there,” the mum continued.

“So I filled a pair of pants, put my shoes there and I’ve already made my meal and gone several times to the bathroom!”

She filled a pair of her jeans with stuffed teddies. The mum said she “studied every detail” of her son playing when she was there, so even left a gap between the fake legs so he could climb in between them like he usually does.

She took a photo of her child happily playing with toys with the fake leg setup.

The photo had been liked nearly 5,000 times within one week of being posted.

I thought my baby was the only one who did that,” one mum replied. “Ahh that relief, I feel better, I thought I was doing something wrong.

“But what an ingenious idea, I congratulate your creativity.”

Another wrote: “I have always said motherhood is about being creative at all times to solve situations that you did not know before and here is an example.”

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