23/03/2017 12:10 PM AEDT | Updated 23/03/2017 4:34 PM AEDT

New Emojis To Be Released For Your Text Messaging Convenience

There's everything from mystical creatures to breastfeeding women.

David Becker via Getty Images
It's now possible to tell someone you have a secret, about a dinosaur, eating a fortune cookie in just images.

A breastfeeding woman and a head of broccoli could be among the newest emojis to grace your keyboard this June.

Here is the full set in their miniature glory.

The Unicode Consortium, a non-for-profit corporation in charge of all things emojis, has released over sixty new and updated pictographs to revitalise the way you send a text.

Yes, there is an entire organisation that is in charge of your emoji needs. Unicode enables people to use computers in any language and, according to their website, also regulates and standardises "representation of text in all modern software products and standards." What a job!

In this update, people are now able to evoke a wider range of emotions via the 'vomit-face' and 'brain-explosion' emojis, while also being able to share a little love for some foodie favourites with the coconut and steak images. A breastfeeding woman and a woman wearing a headscarf are also included in the proposed update, as well as a mermaid and a rock-climbing man.

The Consortium's next phase with the new emojis is assessing the need and demand for each proposed image and then refining the number down, ready for release by half-way through the year.

While Unicode has the authority to choose the actual pictographs for release, each individual platform has the agency to decide how the images will look when they appear on their devices. So, these original 'mock-up' images could differ from the actual ones set to be released in June.

Of course, people are super excited about this news. Finally everyone has the smiley-face baseball cap, giraffe, empanada emojis they have been waiting for.