21/03/2017 10:32 PM AEDT

People Reveal Their Misconceptions About Sex Before Losing Their Virginity

‘I thought ‘oral sex’ meant dirty talking with your partner.’

Clearly, sex education in school left many of us with more questions than answers.

On Reddit, people have been sharing the embarrassing misconceptions they had about sex before losing their virginity.

From being clueless about basic terminology to feeling utterly confused about human anatomy, here are a few of their most hilarious stories. 

JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

“I thought that you just put your penis in, had an orgasm, then pulled it out. Like the vajayjay is some magical hole that makes you cum instantly.”



“When I was 10-11, I used to think vaginas were triangular and that they were behind the pubic hair that grows under the belly button.”



“I always thought that an erect penis was super rigid and would stick straight out away from the man’s body no matter what. I spent ages agonising over how the missionary position could work.

“The first time I gave a handjob and realised that an erect penis could actually move around to different angles, everything suddenly made SO MUCH sense.”



“When I first saw doggy style (in porn, when I was still a virgin), I assumed it had to be anal sex, because there was no way you could hit the vagina from that angle. Boy was I wrong.”



“For an embarrassingly long time (like until I was 16), I thought ‘oral sex’ meant just dirty talking with your partner.”



“I thought you literally just blew on the penis. Like wind from your mouth was somehow arousing? I grew up really sheltered.”



“Recently lost my virginity a month or two back, holy fucking shit the vagina is a hell of a lot ‘lower’ than I was led to believe, was a bit weirded out at first.”



“I thought each testicle held one sperm and that was all you’d ever get. First time I masturbated I realised with horror I could only have one kid. Then of course I did it again the following night and concluded I was doomed never to have kids.”



“I thought you would feel the dick in your stomach....I was very relieved to find out that’s not true.”



“I am embarrassed to say this, but I didn’t realise that girls orgasmed. In my defence, it was 40 years ago and the internet and porn wasn’t a thing. First time I made a girl orgasm I got quite a fright - I thought she was having a fit.”



“Until I was about 14 I thought women shit babies [sic]. Like, the vagina was where the anus was, and you did it doggy style, and childbirth was through the woman’s ass. My mum would be so proud.”