This Single-Serve Fruit Crumble Is A Must For Any Sweet Tooth

Because, let's face it, self-control doesn't exist when it comes to dessert.

Craving something sweet is a delightful yet dangerous thing.

One part of you can't wait to enjoy a nice treat, while the other part is trying to stop you from eating a whole block of choccy or reduced-to-clear mud cake (it's happened, don't lie).

The best way to have a sweet treat but not go overboard? Single-serve desserts.

Unlike a whole pie or tray of brownies, a single-serve provides a satisfying yet portion-controlled dessert experience. Unless, of course, you make 10 single servings, which would be equal parts silly and delicious, but that's your prerogative.

Enter this single-serve fruit crumble from Refinery29, which is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. Imagine sweet, buttery, golden crumble on top of a luscious mix of baked fruit (peach and berries are best, but feel free to use whatever fruits are in season).

A scoop of ice cream on top is strongly recommended but not compulsory. For a healthier twist, try natural yoghurt or banana 'nice cream'.

Check out the video above for the scrumptious fruit crumble recipe.