24/03/2017 11:25 AM AEDT | Updated 24/03/2017 2:29 PM AEDT

A Mac And Cheese Toastie Exists And It's Beautiful

Get into your tracky dacks. It's happening.

Look, mac and cheese and toasties are damned fine meals in their own right. But what happens when the two amazing worlds collide?

Mac and cheese grilled cheese. That's right, double the cheese, double the carbs, double the deliciousness.

Over the top? Probably. Food coma inducing? Maybe. Downright phenomenal? Definitely.

All that's required is a box of mac and cheese, more cheese, butter, bacon and fresh sourdough (the only fancy ingredient here, let's be real). Fill that baby up, toast it and enjoy.

If you're ready to tackle this behemoth of a toastie, here's the recipe. Wear your tracky dacks.