23/03/2017 3:22 PM AEDT | Updated 23/03/2017 4:09 PM AEDT

Hilarious Iguana Stops Play At Miami Open Tennis Tournament

Look Iggy, you can't just come on the court.

Twitter/Michelle Kaufman
Just hanging out.

A pesky intruder has stopped play during a first round match at the Miami Open tennis tournament on Wednesday.

German Tommy Haas and Czech Jiri Vesely were part-way through the third set of their match when an Iguana was spotted resting on top of the game scoreboard, before it scampered down and ran across the court.

The reptile stopped play for eight minutes as it ran and jumped to escape tournament staff who were attempting to catch it, and that is where the hilarity began.

You can see the incident play out here.

While Vesely took a seat to avoid the creature for fear of it being dangerous, Haas seemed to take a curious interest in it, even managing to snap a selfie while it sat on top of one of the scoreboards lining the court.

While iguanas are not native to Miami or the state of Florida, they are common after being introduced to the warmer climate there, according to one Florida county organisation.