25/03/2017 2:57 AM AEDT | Updated 25/03/2017 2:57 AM AEDT

Fundraiser For Family Of PC Keith Palmer Raises More Than $800K

A campaign to raise money for the family of the policeman killed in the Westminster attack has raised more than half a million pounds, in an astonishing display of kindness by the public.

PC Keith Palmer, a 48-year-old husband and father who worked on the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Squad, has been hailed a hero for his actions in the moments leading up to his death.

The fundraising page, started by Stephen Redgewell on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Federation, which supports officers and their families, has received donations from more than 25,000 people.

In a thank you to all those who donated, Redgewell posted: “It is heart warming to see the messages that have been posted and those that have chosen not to post a message, the gift alone speaks a thousand words.”

Staci Martin
Staci Martin poses for what is believed to be the last picture of PC Keith Palmer alive

This comes as what is believed to be the final image of Palmer emerged,

The image was shared by American tourist Staci Martin, who posed with Palmer for a photo just 45 minutes before he was killed outside the Houses of Parliament on Thursday.

Martin, from Wellington, Florida, told ABC Action News: “It’s my first time in London and I see his hat and I’m like I have to take a picture of him with his hat.”

She described the moment she realised she may have been in possession of the last image of Palmer alive.

PA Wire/PA Images
Floral tributes are left outside the Houses of Parliament

She said: “They put his picture up and I said I think that’s the guy and my husband and daughter thought I was crazy. We just couldn’t believe it.”

Martin said she felt “obligated” to make sure Palmer’s family had the image.

She added: “They can cut me out of it, but I just want to make sure they have that of him.”

A number of other crowdfunders have also received a great deal of support.

Empics Entertainment
People attending a candlelight vigil in Trafalgar Square to remember those who lost their lives in the attack

A Muslim-led fundraiser has raised more than £20,000 to help the families of victims.

The Muslims Unite for London page, set up by Muddassar Ahmed after he witnessed the incident, posted a thank you message to donors, adding: “We are overwhelmed by the generosity of donors from all over the world, from Muslim communities as well as those of other faiths and none.”

A number of other fundraisers have also sprung up, including ones for Kurt Cochran (which has raised over $50,000) and Aysha Frade (which has so far received over £2,000).