24/03/2017 11:14 PM AEDT

Twitter's Latest Hashtag Celebrates The Beauty Of Thick Thighs

Twitter showcases the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Internet. But the social media platform's latest hashtag is wonderfully positive, as it celebrates the beauty of women with thick thighs.

The hashtag #BigThighTwitter went viral Thursday night, when women flocked online to flaunt their glorious figures.

And other Twitter users outside the community sang their praises.

"#BigThighTwitter gets every piece of my love," Hot 97 radio host Ebro said.

"#SlimGirlTwitter #BigThighTwitter WHATEVER YO BODY TYPE IS, JUST KNOW WE ALL OUT HERE POPPIN & CUTE!!!!" another user declared.

And these gorgeous women aren't the only ones who are celebrating their big thighs.

Late last year, curvy model Ashley Graham released her own Barbie with Mattel that had no thigh gap. She even asked Mattel to add cellulite to the doll but was told that putting bumps on the plastic would make it seem like a production mistake. (At least she tried!)

The body positive advocate was flooded with heartwarming comments from women and girls everywhere after the doll was released, thanking her for creating a toy that represents their figure.

"They’re seeing somebody who appreciates the things about their own bodies that haven’t been celebrated, like cellulite and back fat," Graham told The Cut in November. "These women never had a curvy role model growing up who not only looked like them but was also outspoken about what they go through."

Representation for all body types is something that will always be in style.