Australia's Biggest Dog, Baron, Just Qualified As A Therapy Dog

This Very Good Boy is building kids' confidence.

Baron is a big, friendly giant of a dog. Last time we caught up with this Very Good Boy, the English mastiff was loving life with adoptive parents Mark and Dorothy York who said he was just a playful puppy at heart.

"Every morning when we come downstairs he greets us with the zoomies and spins around in circles. He is just a big soft baby boy. A real boofhead," Mark York previously told The Huffington Post in an email.

Now at the age of almost three, Baron is qualified as a therapy dog. Each Friday he goes to school at Penrith Valley Learning Centre to listen to kids read.

"It's about sort of building trust and confidence and connection. So, a lot of the kids here, they struggle with those issues due to the experiences that they've been through and so this is part of their process of reconnecting," the school's Principal Nicholas Danta told the Today Show.

Baron has become a canine celebrity, with cameos on Better Homes and Gardens and Channel 9's Today show.

His owners claim that he could be the largest dog in Australia: he currently measures over two metres long and weighs 115 kilograms. And he's set to keep growing until he reaches four years old. That's one big doggo.

Baron lives in Sydney with the Yorks and his doggy roommate Chelsea, the French mastiff. The pair consume an enormous amount of food, costing their owners $200 a week to feed. Here's a typical day on a plate for Baron:

  • Meat and biscuits for breakfast;
  • Chicken necks for a midday snack;
  • More meat and biscuits for dinner along with extra vitamins and oils, and some sardines, egg, pumpkin and veggies

The massive dog has his own Facebook page (because of course he does) where you can see some of his adventures, like going to the beach and hanging out with Chelsea. His specialty is blocking people from watching TV and intimidating miniature ponies.

Keep up the good work, Baron!