27/03/2017 12:03 PM AEDT | Updated 27/03/2017 2:04 PM AEDT

Dr Karl Says He Won't Debate Climate Science With Malcolm Roberts

Senator Roberts thinks this means he won the 'debate'.

Youtube/Malcolm Roberts
The two could not 'find common ground'.

In November last year we heard about Dr Karl Kruszelnicki's plan to debate One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts on climate science. After some sparring on Twitter, it seemed to be locked in.

Dr Karl was hesitant at first, wanting to ensure that the debate would be transparent and allow "varifiable facts to predominate". He invited the Senator to have a one-on-one chat about it sometime first.

That chat took place on the weekend and it seems it did not go well. Dr Karl has decided to not go through with the proposed public debate because they "could not find common ground".

Meanwhile, climate denier Roberts, who was voted into the Senate to represent Queensland on 77 personal votes, has taken this news a flat-out victory.

He's published a YouTube video proclaiming his outright win over the 97 percent of scientists who affirm the existence of human-induced climate change. He claims that Dr Karl has relied on "climate academics, or climate scientists" for his position, but also says the scientist has "no evidence".

"Good news, we've won the debate on the climate science, absolutely won it because the other side has forfeited," he said in the video.

The pair have booked in another meeting in August.