23/03/2017 11:06 PM AEDT

Six-Year-Old Makes 'Thank You' Cards For Parliament Police And Nursery Staff After Attack

‘Kids are much better at saying thank you than we are.’

A six-year-old has written ‘thank you’ cards to police and nursery staff after her brother and dad were held in Parliament during the Westminster attack.

Mum Claire Reynolds, from Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, said her daughter found out about the attacks after she and another child had to be picked up from after-school club by another parent.

Reynolds’ husband was due to pick her up, but was in lockdown on Parliament estate with the couple’s two-year-old. 

“Her dad and baby brother didn’t get home until 9.30pm after the lockdown on Parliament was lifted, so I had to explain where they were and why,” Reynolds told The Huffington Post UK

Reynolds continued: “I explained that the nursery staff and police were keeping them safe.

“All the kids come in and out of parliament several times a week and the police are extremely kind to them, so she was very sad to hear that an officer had died.

“She loves writing and making cards and she surprised me by making these whilst eating breakfast this morning [23 March].

“Kids are much better at saying thank you than we are.”

The cards both say “thanks” with one used as an acrostic poem spelling the words “teamwork, helpfulness, always friendly, necessary, kind and super”. 

They had received more than 100 likes in four hours and 43 retweets at the time of writing.

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