28/03/2017 10:27 AM AEDT

Local Racist Clears Up Any Confusion About The Meaning Of 'White Lives Matter'

There was no confusion, but just in case.

Residents of Lewiston, New York, were upset last week to find that someone had dropped 10 to 20 “white lives matter” fliers on properties in the area. The leaflets contained anti-immigrant messages, as well as false statistics about crime and race similar to the ones Donald Trump retweeted to his millions of followers in 2015.

The controversy was a big enough deal that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) decided to weigh in, because the racist literature contradicted “all that we stand for as New Yorkers,” he said.

Well, local TV station WKBW tracked down the person responsible so he could “set the record straight,” and the interview went pretty much exactly how you’d expect.

“There’s been misrepresentations of what was on those flyers and why they were passed out in the area they were passed out in,” the man, Scott Lacy, told the station.

Lacy went on to claim that his statistics, which appear to be copied and pasted from white supremacist sources, were factual and definitely not “fabricated out of the blue.” And he said he was really just sharing them to “raise awareness with whites about the plight our people face in this country.”

At that point in the conversation, you’d expect Lacy to start in with the “I’m not racist, but...” bullshit. What he did instead was at least refreshingly honest.

“I consider myself a racist,” said Lacy. “But not because I believe in hatred towards anybody else ― it’s because I love my own people.”

And there you have it. “White lives matter” ― the rallying cry for racist white people who believe you should only love other white people, because racism.