29/03/2017 7:10 AM AEDT | Updated 29/03/2017 8:51 AM AEDT

Queensland Premier 'Appalled' By Cyclone Boogie Boarders

"There's a very clear message for people to stay indoors."

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has said that she was "absolutely appalled" after seeing footage of people boogie boarding during Cyclone Debbie.

The storm system was one of the strongest in Queensland's recorded history, with strong winds and huge swells.

"I cannot believe this sort of behaviour," she told the ABC.

"To go out there into the wild treacherous surf is simply irresponsible."

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While the cyclone was downgraded to a tropical low early on Wednesday, residents have been urged to stay indoors as heavy rains, damaging wind gusts and high tides continue to strike Queensland in its wake.

Speaking on The Project, Palaszczuk said that there was "a very clear message for people to stay indoors".

"Why would you put your life at risk and put the lives of others at risk who would actually have to go and help you?" she said.

"People are taking their own life into their own hands when they are doing absolutely stupid things like going out and surfing, boogie board riding or going out and taking photos when they shouldn't be."