29/03/2017 7:08 PM AEDT | Updated 29/03/2017 8:53 PM AEDT

'Brexit Day' Front Pages Are Provoking A Whole Range Of Human Emotions

It has finally arrived - the day many on Fleet Street have been waiting for. 

Brexit day, the point the formal process of leaving the EU begins, has been enthusiastically welcomed by much of Britain’s press.

Ink-stained scribes pulled out all the stops after Theresa May last night signed the letter commencing Article 50.

For The Sun, it just had to be the White Cliffs of Dover.

The Express spoke of May’s ‘no nonsense message’ 

The Daily Telegraph led on the ‘need to unite behind Brexit’

The Daily Mail declared ‘FREEDOM!’

But for the Guardian, it was caution abound


As reaction flooded in, it was all a bit très-Brexit for some

And in an apparent effort to one-up the Mail’s now infamous ‘Legs-it!’, The Sun went with ‘Bra-xit!’

The Sun
'Bra-xit!' was used to promote topless pictures of Katie Price

(Though the headline was suggested a day earlier...)

Was it all ‘jingoism v reality’?

Others thought it was a mood deserving of ridicule

Others didn’t mince their words

But the Guardian’s cool jigsaw caused concern for some in the Republic of Ireland

The Guardian’s jigsaw caused concern for some in the Republic of Ireland

And while you’re probably reading this on your phone - perhaps today is the day to buy a paper

Later today, the letter signed by the Prime Minister commencing Article 50 will be delivered to European Council President Donald Tusk.

The process will formally begin at 12.30pm BST ― and last a maximum of two years.