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Dr Brian Greene Answers Our Questions About Time Travel

How long is a piece of string?

American theoretical physicist Dr Brain Greene is an expert on all things universal and he is in Australia as part of Think. Inc's event.

Greene's area of research relates to String Theory, a candidate theory of quantum physics which attempts to explain the existence of extra dimensions of space.

He was live with The Huffington Post Australia on Thursday afternoon to address questions surrounding time travel and whether it is theoretically possible. If there is anyone qualified to explain the potential reality of such a widely talked about and intriguing subject, he is the guy.

Dr Greene's String Theory not only explains the theoretical potential for time travel, but also examines how different spacial dimensions might exist and why humans are unable, at this stage, to experience them.

During the Facebook live, Dr Greene suggested that time travel might actually be possible, however, not at this stage in history. He believes that while it is possible, further human and scientific advancement is required before this dream and world-wide fascination can be realised.

Dr Greene will speak at Think. Inc's event on Thursday evening at 7pm. The event will take place at The University of Sydney. You can find tickets to Dr. Greene's talk here.

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