29/03/2017 9:54 PM AEDT

NASA Just Unveiled A Search Engine For The World's Best Space Photography

NASA has collated all of its photography into a single searchable online archive in what must be its greatest ever gift to space fans.

The treasure troves includes 140,000 images, videos and audio files, which were drawn from more than 60 different collections.

Users need only search for a single word to surface all of NASA’s media files linked to that term.


“The library is not comprehensive, but rather provides the best of what NASA makes publicly available from a single point of presence on the web,” the agency said in a press release

“Additionally, it is a living website, where new and archival images, video and audio files continually will be added.”

As if a vast archive of the world’s best space imagery wasn’t enough, all of the images are copyright free thanks to NASA’s public images policy.