30/03/2017 8:19 AM AEDT | Updated 30/03/2017 9:09 AM AEDT

Nothing Will Ever Be As Awkward As Kristen Bell and James Corden's Aerial Duet

In theory, an aerial duet between James Corden and Kristen Bell seems like the stuff of late-night TV legend. Both are immensely talented vocalists with a knack for comedic timing and the star power to pull off that type of thing.

And yet, the best-laid plans often go awry, and somehow their performance of the 1990 classic "Up Where We Belong" on "The Late Late Show" Tuesday night was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

The bit started off on the right note with a some banter between the two stars about the power of love to "lift us up." (Zing!) Then, as Bell was propelled up into the rafters with the help of a harness, Corden's rigging suffered from a technical mishap. Left awkwardly hanging just above the stage, the host was clearly bothered by the incident.

Being the total pros that they are, the two continued to sing as they were lifted up into the air and back down again with seemingly no rhyme or reason. For a brief few seconds, Bell and Corden found each other midair, only to be pulled apart by a stagehand who might be currently looking for a new gig.

"That was an absolute disaster! Who is responsible for this?" Corden said. "We rehearsed it and rehearsed it and rehearsed it!"

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