29/03/2017 6:01 AM AEDT

Boyfriend Turns His Girlfriend Into The Disney Princess She Is On Instagram

One boyfriend is putting his Disney fanatic girlfriend in “a whole new world” with nothing but his stylus pen and some epic drawing skills. 

Amin Fouzi and his girlfriend Lyana Azman are both 21-year-old students from Malaysia who are currently studying in Melbourne. Last week, the couple was waiting for food at a restaurant when Amin snapped a quick pic of Lyana.

This wasn’t just any dinner with bae photo, though; Amin proceeded to turn the pic into bonafide art on Instagram Stories: 

Lyana Azman
Snow White rocks the dog filter, obvs. 

Lyana, a huge fan of all things Disney, was very impressed. 

“I didn’t know he was actually going to draw me as Snow White, so when I saw it, I thought it was so cool,” she told The Huffington Post. “I especially love the ‘poisonous apple’ line, referring to my iPhone.” 

Since then, Amin has turned Lyana into a number of classic Disney princesses. Here’s his take on Mulan: 

Lyana Azman
We would wear that. 

And here’s Alice from “Alice in Wonderland:” 

Lyana Azman

Heres’s Lyana wearing Aurora’s iconic pink gown from “Sleeping Beauty”: 

Lyana Azman
Princess goals. 

Lyana told us that her boyfriend finishes each drawing in less than five minutes.

“Every time Amin has to draw anything, he can do it in a short period of time and they’ll all come out amazing,” she said.

Lyana Azman
Amin and Lyana have been together for three years. 

Her favorite Instagram doodle is one depicting her as Belle from “Beauty and the Beast:”

Lyana Azman
The library setting is too perfect.

“I love it because she’s my favorite Disney princess and also because I just watched the new live-action movie!”  

People on Twitter ― where Lyana first posted the pics ― are super impressed with Amin’s drawings. 

Yep, we’d have to agree.