31/03/2017 11:23 AM AEDT | Updated 02/04/2017 4:35 PM AEST

Here's An Easy Guide To Vegetarian Protein

Yep, protein isn't just in meat.

It's a question that frustrates most, if not all, vegetarians and vegans: "But where do you get your protein?"

It's true, protein is a vital part of any diet and is found in every cell of the human body -- it's estimated that about half of the human body's dry weight is made up of protein.

And animal products like beef, pork, chicken and fish do contain high levels of protein. But they're not the only sources of protein, as many people believe.

Nature provides plenty of protein sources, especially plant foods like nuts, seeds, legumes and even grains. The key is to eat a variety of vegetarian protein sources across the day, like in these delicious recipes.

Take a look at the handy guide below for the top 30 vegetarian protein sources.


Infographic by On Stride Financial.