31/03/2017 1:14 PM AEDT | Updated 31/03/2017 2:25 PM AEDT

What To Do With Your Pets During The Floods

In an ideal situation, the RSPCA advises taking your dogs and cats with you when evacuating.

Debbie may no longer be a cyclone, but in her wake she's caused widespread severe flooding throughout parts of south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales.

The RSPCA has warned animal owners to keep their pets in mind when preparing to evacuate from their homes, ideally taking their cats and pooches with them wherever they can.

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Don't freak out, these dogs have an owner and they're safe (just a little bit scared).

"Not all evacuation centres will accept pets which is a problem, so often they have to look for an alternate place where pets can be looked after, either with family or friends," Michael Beatty from the RSPCA Queensland told The Huffington Post Australia.

"We are constantly urging local councils to cater for pets a lot more in the evacuation centres and there has been some improvement but there's been a lot of centres where you can't take [them]."

Beatty also said that in emergency situations where pets have to be left behind, it is advised that owners leave them inside with a good supply of clean water that they can't knock over.

"Don't tether them outside, that's another thing that can be a problem -- if they're tethered, they can't get away if the water rises."

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The RSPCA warned farmers to move their livestock to higher ground.

The RSPCA has also warned owners of livestock to make sure they move their animals onto higher ground, however some have failed to heed their warning.

"[S]ome people don't listen and then expect us to go and rescue their horse and what have you when they haven't listened to any of the warnings," Beatty said.

"It puts our ambulance officers at risk because of their stupidity, we saw that a few times yesterday unfortunately."

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