01/04/2017 2:34 PM AEDT | Updated 01/04/2017 2:39 PM AEDT

15 Weirdest Things That People Have Left Behind In An Uber

A bulletproof vest?!?

Uber riders can be a forgetful bunch, and sometimes they leave behind some truly bizarre items.

The ride-hailing company has revealed details of the weirdest things its customers have misplaced in its drivers' vehicles — from violins and capes to lasers, lottery tickets and bulletproof vests.

Cell phones, rings and keys are the three most forgotten items listed on Uber's new "Lost & Found Index." And it names Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco as North America's most forgetful cities.

Uber shared the data Wednesday, amid ongoing controversy over its reported sexist culture and diversity issues.

Check out some of the strangest lost items below:


So is Superman using Uber now?

Engagement Ring

ilbusca via Getty Images
Uh-oh. Someone's in trouble.

Harry Potter Glasses

Oh, Harry.


Tom Werner via Getty Images
But there's no word on whether they are kids' finger paintings or a Picasso.


If it was as small as LeBron James' instrument here, no wonder it went missing.

Wedding Outfit

verve231 via Getty Images
Someone's already lost an engagement ring (^^), now this person has misplaced their entire wedding outfit?!?


We like to think it's a laser like this one, although it most likely isn't.

Smoke Machine

J33P3l2 via Getty Images
Every Uber ride needs some Beyoncé-style smoke machine drama.

Cut-Out Elf

Just please say it was around the holiday season.

Rubber Mallet

theJIPEN via Getty Images
Nope, us neither.

Dog Sweater

A sweater for a dog, or a sweater for humans featuring a dog? We just don't know.

Bulletproof Vest

zorandimzr via Getty Images
Just to be on the safe side.

Expensive Slipper

grumbus via Getty Images
So Cinderella took an Uber to get to the ball?


Echo via Getty Images
Not sure Uber was around in Mary Poppins' time.


Arijuhani via Getty Images
No need to travel with this. Period.

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