01/04/2017 11:19 AM AEDT | Updated 01/04/2017 12:59 PM AEDT

Corporate April Fools' Day Jokers Prank Australia

Lots of fake news is doing the rounds.

Virgin is one company using April 1 as a marketing opportunity.

It's the day of the year when everyone gets a sense of humour.

April Fools' Day has rolled around again and in 2017 even multinational companies like Google, IKEA, Burger King, Virgin and YouTube are getting in on the act.

Swedish design brand IKEA was one of the big corporates messing about, issuing a media release about its plans to launch the world's first non-stop flight from Australia to Sweden.

The new low-cost airline, FLIKEA, would use the home retailer's expertise in creating highly-functional, inspiring and comfortable furniture, IKEA said in the prank release.

"Using a fleet of five Boeing 787 aircraft -- custom fit with a range of IKEA armchairs, storage and soft furnishings -- to operate three flights a week between Sweden and Australia, the new airline aims to address the needs of thousands of style-conscious Australians looking to visit the mecca of interior design," it said.

Richard Branson's Virgin Australia airline was also keen to show it had a lighter side, claiming it was implementing a "canine crew" on some of its services.

In the marketing stunt, Virgin said hundreds of dogs had been specially trained at a new "purpose built canine crew training facility" over the past few months in preparation for their introduction to service on all Boeing 737, Airbus A330 and Boeing 777 aircraft in the Virgin Australia fleet.

"Each dog will wear a tailor made jacket designed for optimal comfort during their flight. There will also be a crew kennel on board for rest periods," the airline said.

Online retailer Showpo also unveiled an elaborate prank, announcing it was launching a new range: "Showbro".

But founder Jane Lu told Business Insider the menswear move was a hoax.

"It was just an elaborate prank," she told Business Insider.

"People are always saying 'you should do men's wear', they always think that they've come up with a great idea that I haven't already thought of. This is just literally a prank and get people off our back about men's wear."

Food delivery service Deliveroo, which is facing decidedly unfunny legal action for allegedly underpaying bicycle delivery riders, also managed some jesting.

It revealed a "new extreme food delivery service" that purported to get food to customers via a skydiver.

Even media outlets joined in, with Mamamia co-founder Mia Freedman revealing on Saturday (what we assume) are mock plans to change her surname.

"Don't get me wrong, my name and I have had some pretty good adventures together over the years," Freedman said on the website.

"I've forged my career with it, had it plastered on book covers, and even allowed it to appear on television screens in front of my face from time to time. And for quite a while, I never really thought much about it. After all, what's in a name other than licences, bills and tax returns, right?"