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This Australian Toddler Is Already A Golf Prodigy

What a swing!
He's already got the pose down.
He's already got the pose down.

Sam Blewett, the son of former Australian Test cricketer Greg Blewett, already looks to be a professional golfer in-the-making. But here's the catch -- he's only just turned two.

With a swing that is nothing short of incredible for a toddler, Sam loves golf and takes any chance he can get to give his trusty pink golf club a swing at anything that resembles a ball.

Don't believe us? See for yourself below.

"We go to the park out the back of the house and people just stop and watch," Sam's mum, Katheryn told The Advertiser.

"They cannot believe their eyes when they see him hitting balls. He will always have a little crowd around him."

Sam, who has managed to garner enough online popularity that he's generated his own Twitter moment and now has his own Facebook page, is so obsessed with the sport he even spares time to have a swing before bed -- even if mum and dad can't see.

With a little help from his dad Greg, Sam is making connections from all over the sporting world -- from current Australian cricket Captain Steve Smith, who features in one of his clips, to the US-based PGA Tour and broadcaster ESPN, who included him in one of their 'Play of the Day' segments.

With a lot of time still to go before Sam is eligible to enter a tournament series as big as the PGA Tour, it leaves him with plenty of years of practice.

Watch out Adam Scott and Jason Day.


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