02/04/2017 7:11 AM AEST | Updated 02/04/2017 8:41 AM AEST

Ivanka Trump Keeping Stake In D.C. Hotel Despite White House Role, Filings Show

Financial entanglements of the new senior White House aide heightens conflicts of interest concerns.

Ivanka Trump is keeping her stake in Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C., while she serves as an assistant to her father in the White House, financial filings show, according to The New York Times.

Financial documents filed by her husband, Jared Kushner, who serves as senior adviser to President Donald Trump, reveal that she earned between $1 million and $5 million from January 2016 to March from the hotel, the Times reports. The couple's combined business assets are valued at $741 million, according to Kushner's 54-page document filed on Friday.

Kushner earned close to $180 million last year, while Ivanka Trump earned $10 million, NBC reported Saturday.

The Trump International Hotel leases from the government a refurbished public building — the old post office in Washington, D.C. According to government rules concerning the property, no federal official is allowed to profit from property. However, Donald Trump is now not only a tenant but also the landlord.

The General Services Administration ruled this month that the hotel isn't violating its lease with the government because the president is not managing the property and it's now owned by a revocable trust — which Donald Trump controls.

The Trump family's continued business holdings have raised serious ethical concerns about how the president, his elder daughter and son-in-law can fairly serve the interests of the public as they remain private business owners looking out for their own vast operations.

Analysts believe the Trump International Hotel is of particular concern because large amounts of money and time that lobbyists or foreign countries could spend there as a way to curry favor with its owners in regards to government business. The government of Kuwait, for example, held a single-night fete at the hotel in February that was estimated to cost $60,000.

The information about Ivanka Trump's holdings were part of a large release Friday of documents about the holdings of some 180 senior Trump administration officials. Ivanka Trump was named assistant to the president this week.

As for Kushner, the documents also provide details about his extensive real estate holdings. In addition, the filings reveal Kushner's personal lenders — but not investors or lenders in his business projects. His businesses have borrowed money from international banks, including the Israeli Bank Hapoalim, which the Justice Department is investigating over allegations that it helped Americans evade taxes, the Times reports. Being in debt to an Israeli bank could also be seen to compromise Kushner's objectivity when negotiating peace between Israel and Palestinians, which is one of his many roles in the Trump administration.

Trump's administration is considered the wealthiest in American history, with members of the president's senior staff and cabinet worth some $12 billion, according to Bloomberg.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Friday that a "lot of people" in Trump's administration are "very blessed."