31/03/2017 11:15 PM AEDT

Spaghetti Doughnuts Exist And They're Every Pasta-Lover's Dream

Just when we thought the food world couldn’t get anymore outrageous, along came spaghetti doughnuts.

The unusual food hybrid is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based Pop Pasta whose founders thought it would be a great idea to combine a ‘popular Neapolitan dish, the spaghetti pie, with an American food icon, the doughnut’. 

For the delicacy, spaghetti pasta is mixed with eggs and cheese (amongst other ingredients), it is then all fried together in a doughnut shape.

Needless to say, the end product looks delicious.

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One of the doughnuts on offer is made up of spaghetti, Parmigiano cheese, eggs, olive oil, garlic, red pepper, black pepper and salt. 

There’s also a Carbonara version - with spaghetti, Parmigiano, eggs, bacon, black pepper and salt - and a Bolognese version (whose ingredients you can most likely guess).

“It is perfect for lunch or for a snack, it comes in different flavours and you can eat it at room temperature or warmed up if you wish,” the owners said.

Now, if somebody could bring these to the UK, that would be great. 

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[H/T Metro]