The Funniest Tweets From Australian Twitter This Week

"People always say they hate the word "moist". My most hated word? 'Injustice'".

Australian Twitter. It's a thing and it's a treasure-trove of commentary, musings and hilarious reactions to the circus that has been 2017 so far.

Between April Fools' Day, Cyclone Debbie, Ex-Cyclone Debbie flooding, Mark Latham's sacking (and ensuing Twitter-return) and 18C finally being taken out the back and metaphorically shot -- like the rabid-infested pest it has been on the Australian political agenda for the past three years -- it was a rather big week. And as usual, Australian Twitter made sure to keep in-step with the mad, bad and stupid goings-on.

Here, in no particular order, is a round-up of our favourite home-grown tweets from the past week.

#dailydev because you devserve it

— Kaitlyn Plyley (@kplyley) March 30, 2017

Has it already been a year?

— Alex McClintock (@axmcc) March 26, 2017

Every season of #mkr needs a Josh. Yes he's a twit. Yes he's a little slow. Yes he's mean spirited. Now I've forgotten what I was saying

— JamesBbbbb (@GoJamesBlow) April 2, 2017

(Okay so there were a lot of tweets about Mark Latham's sacking)

The week also featured the always regular, always welcome Australian Twitter topic of dogs too. Including one Very Good Dog whose post-surgery photo generated so much interest he had to hire bodyguards.

doggo went under for surgery and now he is DRUGGO

— hot librarian (@smack__that) March 27, 2017