How To Actually Be Productive When You're Really Tired

An espresso double shot isn't the best approach.

First things first -- if you're exhausted your body is telling you that you need to stop and rest, and you should listen to it.

Though, occasionally in life there's deadlines or tasks that just need doing no matter how tired you are and thankfully, we have some tips top help you push through (just don't make a habit of it).

Firstly, write down what you've got on your plate and work out exactly what needs to be done now and what can wait until tomorrow. Then, turn off all of your unnecessary notifications so you can't get distracted (were looking at you, Instagram and Facebook).

Even though you're up against the clock it pays to take a break every now and the. Try and fit in a five minute wander away form the computer every 50 minutes.

For more tips on how to be the most productive when you're tired, check out the below infographic.

Infographic by Microsoft Training