03/04/2017 4:44 PM AEST | Updated 03/04/2017 5:02 PM AEST

Queensland Residents Shocked By Snakes Emerging From Floodwaters

One reptile catcher has already relocated more than twenty.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Snakes have been spotted in all spots after coming from Queensland floodwaters.

As Queensland looks towards the clean-up effort in the wake of Cyclone Debbie, local residents have been given a shock of the slithery kind amid the damage left behind by the weather event.

While parts of the state are dealing with everything from power outages to severe property damage, snakes have been found in all sorts of places after they were washed out into the open as a result of the cyclone.

One Gold Coast snake catcher told the Gold Coast Bulletin he has already caught and relocated more than 20 snakes since Cyclone Debbie reached land on Tuesday, finding them everywhere from people's cars to chicken pens.

"They're in lots of weird places, normally certain species don't climb but people have been cleaning up in the shed ... and found browns in the rafters," he said.

Another reptile relocator, Anthony Bailey, told The Morning Bulletin the snakes were being found inside people's home in order to escape the floodwaters and urged residents to keep their cool if they do come into contact with any.

"They don't like sitting out in the rain, they come into houses or trees to escape the water and possibly looking for some warmth," he said.

"If people see a snake, call the professionals. Don't kill it."

The discoveries come as authorities have been issuing warnings for people to stay out of floodwaters for their own safety.

The slithery visitors aren't the only animals to have sought shelter inside from the devastation of Cyclone Debbie.

On Wednesday, kangaroos, bats and Australia's most bedraggled cockatoo were all found seeking refuge in the corridors and atriums of Queensland buildings.