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'The Project' Hosts Couldn't Handle This Hilarious Viral Monkey Video

We're so sorry.

Monday's episode of 'The Project' devolved into hysterics when panelist Peter Helliar shared possibly the greatest video to surface in a long time.

The video, appropriately titled 'It Got Grandma!', features an elderly woman being hit in the face with monkey poo. We know, it's terrifically low-brow. The way it hangs off her nose like a dollar-store disguise, as she turns to the camera horrified, is possibly the greatest comedic moment in film history. "It looks like Witchiepoo from 'HR Puff N Stuff'!" Helliar cried, delivering a brutally perfect pun.

A horrified Steve Price scowled at Helliar asking him, "Why did you show that?" to which Helliar responded without missing a beat, "Because it's the greatest thing I've seen in my whole life!"

Meanwhile Carrie Bickmore demanded a second showing, but there were protests from the control room. "Hold on, the man in my ear is saying we can't show it again because people are eating. That's no reason not to show it again!"

As the audience, and most of the panel tried to collect themselves, Price once again attempted to establish order. "People are eating," he half-scolded Helliar. "NAN'S GOT POO ON HER FACE!" Helliar responded as Waleed Aly probably started to plan his next Gold Logie win after the segment.

Thank God for commercial breaks.

@theprojecttv Funniest thing I've seen for ages! Couldn't breathe,snorted,tears & little laugh squeals in between omg!! My sides hurt! Thanks Pete! 👏🏻👏🏻😂😂

— Annie (@annie_chaplin) April 3, 2017

@theprojecttv um yeah thanks. That was me & I happen to be eating risotto 🤢

— Elissa Coxen (@ElissaCoxen) April 3, 2017

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