05/04/2017 7:03 AM AEST

See What The Cast Of 'Daria' Is Up To In Today's Sick, Sad World

You’re standing on my neck … still.

Twenty years ago, MTV debuted “Daria,” a sardonic animated series that taught teens important lessons about love, friendship and how to truly piss off your more athletic schoolmates in gym class.

To commemorate the milestone, co-creator Susie Lewis and character designer Karen Disher reimagined what the characters would look like and be up to today. Let’s just say we’re not entirely shocked that Trent is now a bartender living in Queens. We’re also kind of thrilled about Daria’s career path as a writer on a late-night TV show, and that she’s still chilling with her bestie, Jane Lane, and a potty-trained cat named Godzilla.

“It had been a long time since I watched the show, but this brought back such great memories and reminded me of how much fun it was to create ‘Daria,’” Lewis told Entertainment Weekly.

To see what the beloved characters are up to today, just check out the EW exclusive video above.


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