This French Artist Has Figured Out A Spectacular Way Of Turning Her Acne Into Art

She’s our new beauty hero 🌌

We’ve all been there: trying every foundation, powder and concealer on the market to mask another acne breakout.

Instead of trying to cover up, French illustrator Izumi Tutti, turns her acne into art by mapping out starry constellations on her face, Teen Vogue reported.

Sharing her creative snaps on Instagram, the artist uses a blue liner to map out her designs. And quite frankly she’s our new beauty hero.

It’s especially refreshing for us acne-sufferers out there who are constantly met with perfectly filtered silky smooth skin snaps across social media on a daily basis.

We love her cosmic-themed earrings too.

Tutti’s acne-positive outlook even extends to her own illustrations by drawing happy people with acne.