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Carrie Bickmore Breaks Down During Report On Syrian Gas attack

The host of 'The Project' fought off tears during a difficult segment.

On Thursday's episode of "The Project", host Carrie Bickmore fought off tears after a video package on the Syrian gas attack.

"Sorry," Bickmore said as the footage wrapped and the show cut back to the panel, "I was going to start this conversation but I just can't see those images. I find them incredibly distressing and I know I'm not alone." The host's voice broke as she was visibly upset after the shocking footage was played of those affected by the attack which left more than 70 civilians dead, many young children.

"I saw our audience there just covering their faces," Bickmore continued, "but the thing is our tears, us feeling sad, it ain't going to do anything, and I know that. I know, sitting here in safe Australia and us feeling sad for these people, it doesn't change anything."

Turning to co-host Waleed Aly, Bickmore questioned U.S. President Donald Trump's role, "Is this just something we're going to look back on and feel like the world did nothing?", and later asking him "Where does this end?" Unfortunately he was unable to reassure her.

"I don't know how this ends, I can't say anything good to you Carrie," Aly responded.

Viewers were quick to support the hosts after the difficult report.



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