09/04/2017 1:15 PM AEST | Updated 09/04/2017 1:47 PM AEST

Hopes Dashed For Dolphin Stranded In WA Estuary

The calf has been put down.

rai36de via Getty Images
An effort to save a young dolphin stranded in WA has failed.

A dolphin calf that became stranded in shallow water in the Mandurah Estuary south of Perth has been euthanised following a failed rescue effort.

Volunteers had been trying to reunite the dolphin with its mother after a member of the public found the calf on Saturday morning, the ABC reports.

Volunteers spent Saturday assisting the stranded animal and helping it into deeper water in the hope its mother would hear its call and come back.

Overnight, Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW) contained the calf in a sea-pen but said it became increasingly distressed, according to the ABC.

With no sign of the mother, experts hoped other dolphins would find the youngster's pod and help the calf return to its mother, but that did not eventuate.