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A Guy Was Turned Down By His Prom Date So He Took Kylie Jenner

If at first you don't succeed, try and try a Jenner.

Prom is taken incredibly seriously in the U.S, with the chance of "promposals" (or the grand gesture of inviting someone to prom with you) going viral on Facebook and Twitter, kids are taking the annual event more and more seriously.

Some students are turning to the world of celebrity in order to score a date, going that extra mile to ask Hollywood if they'll be their dates. Recently an Arizona high schooler recreated the opening sequence of the Oscar-winning musical "La La Land" to ask for Emma Stone's hand, sadly to be declined due to scheduling conflicts.

Albert Ochoa, a student at Rio Americano High School in Sacramento California, was turned down by a classmate from his school so he decided to shoot for the stars -- or one star in particular -- and invite the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" youngster, Kylie Jenner.

To literally EVERYONE'S surprise, Kylie got all glammed up, and actually crashed the prom.

Footage was posted to Twitter of Albert and Kylie dancing on a balcony above the party while crowds fawned over the star, it also appeared that she was flanked by her "KUWTK" film crew, so there might be a whole Sacramento romance storyline in the future.

proud to say that's my brother 😇

— $el (@ssoochoa) April 9, 2017

That being said, the prom probably wasn't a huge party for everyone...


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