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All Blacks Tackling Random People In Tokyo Isn't Actually That Random

This ad has an almighty twist.

New Zealand's All Blacks are out in force on the streets of Japan in a new ad for their sponsor AIG Insurance. In the three-minute clip, the world champs run out into Tokyo's Shibuya crossing. Then things start to get a little crazy.

Players start tackling unsuspecting citizens left, right and centre -- a young woman texting on her phone, a businessman having a bow-off and a cyclist.

Then they really start messing with peoples' heads. Midway through, an incredible kick lands in a high-rise, knocking over a random guy working at his laptop. What?

It turns out the 'random' tackles are not so random. The All Black are actually saving people from horrific accidents, showing some of the everyday risks we all face in life. Most of the tackle-ees seem unharmed and are quite appreciative of their rescuers. It's a very slick, clever production.

Stay tuned to the end of the video for a cute twist.


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