10/04/2017 11:19 AM AEST | Updated 21/04/2017 7:40 AM AEST

ABC 7.30: Tributes Flow For 'Man Of The People' Satirist John Clarke

The funniest satirist on Australian television.

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John Clarke is best known as one half of the ABC's 'Clarke and Dawe' sketch on the 7:30 Report.

The ABC's 7.30 program has paid a stunning tribute to legendary satirist John Clarke on Monday after he died while hiking in Victoria on Sunday.

In a package dedicated to the life and career of the New Zealand-born comedian, media personalities and fellow collaborators of Clarke described him as "a man of the people" who "skewered countless politicians and powerbrokers over the years and unpicked the absurdities of Australian public life."

7.30 presenter Leigh Sales said: "Along with the rest of the country, staff at 7.30 spent today coming to terms with the sudden death over the weekend of our friend and colleague John Clarke.

"For the story you're about to see we've been trying to compile the funniest and most biting moments from his more than 4-decade career but there's just too much.

"Everyone at the ABC sends they're very best wishes and condolences to his family and close friends, in particular to Bryan Dawe."

Veteran TV presenter Ray Martin labelled Clarke a "political comedy genius" in the tribute while others claimed it was a "badge of honour" to be featured in the Clarke's 'Clarke and Dawe' sketch that aired every Thursday on the 7:30 Report along with fellow satirist Bryan Dawe.

Appearing on Channel Ten's The Project, comedian Andrew Denton also reflected on his experiences with Clarke, calling him a "beautiful, wise mentor."

"[He was] one of the great satirists of our time. In fact, in my view, probably the greatest satirist of our age," he said.

"The fact he impersonated people by not impersonating them at all was the single greatest act of brilliance he did.

"By simply forcing you to focus on the words, whether or not he looked or sounded lie Bob Hawke, it made you explore the logic or illogic in the position."


Australians are in shock at the death of legendary satirist John Clarke, with tributes starting to flow on social media.

Clarke was best known as one half of the ABC's 'Clarke and Dawe' sketch that aired every Thursday on the 7:30 Report. He was also an author and poet, publishing several books including 'A Dagg at my Table', 'The Howard Miracle' and 'The 7.56 Report'.

Comedians, politicians and viewers are sharing their favourite sketches and memories of John Clarke.