09/04/2017 9:01 PM AEST | Updated 10/04/2017 3:04 AM AEST

Brit Chris Bevington Among Four Killed In Stockholm Truck Attack

Chris Bevington had been living and working in Sweden for some time

The Briton among four people killed in Friday’s Stockholm truck attack has been named.

Chris Bevington, 41, was killed as a truck sped down a busy shopping street. It is understood he had lived and worked in the city for some time.

His father confirmed the news and said Bevington’s family were devastated by the “untimely and tragic death”.

TT News Agency / Reuters
The truck used in Friday's attack in Stockholm 

His employer, the music streaming service Spotify, said Bevington had had an “impact on not just the business, but on everyone who had the privilege to know and work with him.”

The other three victims were a Belgian and two Swedes. 

The suspect arrested by police after crashing into pedestrians had recently had his residence permit rejected, Stockholm police said on Sunday.

A further 15 people were injured in what the country’s prime minister said was a terror attack.

The vehicle rammed into the crowd on Drottninggatan - a pedestrianised shopping area, prompting people to flee in panic, at around 2.55pm local time on Friday.

Brewery company Spendrups later claimed the truck involved belonged to them, and was hijacked earlier in the day. 

“It’s one of our distribution vehicles which runs deliveries,” the firm’s communications director Mårten Lyth told the TT agency.

“During a delivery to the restaurant Caliente someone jumped into the driver’s cabin and drove off with the car, while the driver unloads.”