10/04/2017 6:47 AM AEST | Updated 10/04/2017 12:32 PM AEST

Enjoy These Images Of The Deep, Deep, Aussie Autumn Snow That Fell Overnight

She'll be white.

Cedarwood Lodge, Falls Creek, Victoria
Alfresco lunch is cancelled, sorry.

It snowed in the Victorian Alps and NSW Snowy Mountains on Sunday night. A lot.

This surprised pretty much no one in the mountains. Locals were well prepared for an early wintry blast, as you can see from this thread on the leading industry website Yep, they knew it was comin'.

The cold front moved through Melbourne early Sunday morning, dropping the temperature from 16 degrees at 8:30am to 11 degrees at 9am. Temps hovered in the low teens thereafter, on a thoroughly miserable Sunday.

The blizzard started around lunchtime in the Victorian Alps. This footage was shot at Mt Buller.

By midnight or so, there was already about 15cm of snow on the ground at Buller.

Mt Buller Facebook

The cold front roared into Sydney around 6pm. Flights were delayed for an hour or so, and Sydneysiders in general expressed great surprise at the first cold air of the year -- despite the fact it had been on the forecast for a week. So Sydney.

Down in the NSW Snowy Mountains, the ski resorts also received their first snow of the autumn. Initially they didn't receive as much snow as in Victoria, but the blizzard is intensifying Monday morning as the main blob of moisture in this weather system tracks northwards.
Probably still a bit early to put the chairs on the cable at perisher, but if it keeps snowing...
The Super Trail at Thredbo is looking rather super.

Meanwhile, 10-15cm of snow seemed to be about the total for most of the Victorian ski resorts.

And the kids wasted no time making snowballs out of the pristine snow that fell on the outdoor table at Cedarwood Lodge in Falls Creek.

Cedarwood Lodge, Falls Creek, Victoria
Thanks for messing up the snow measuring gauge, kids. OK we forgive you.

This is early but not crazy early for a snowfall of this magnitude. The snow will likely melt within a few days, so if you feel like a bit of skiing or snowboarding, you'll likely have to wait until the official season opening on June 10.

Meanwhile, cool temps will stick around for much of the week for the southern capitals.