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Mom's Hilariously Honest Post Gets Real About Sex During Pregnancy

An Australian mom and blogger got real about sex during pregnancy with a hilariously honest Facebook post.

On Monday, Mel Watts aka The Modern Mumma posted a photo of her pregnant self, along with a caption about her experience with intimacy while expecting.

”You know there are some women who thrive when they’re pregnant,” she wrote. “They love a bit of loving from the big D and then there’s people like me.”

Though the mom said she tried to adopt a sexual energy and similarly “thrive” during her pregnancy, she didn’t feel like the “best sex goddess ever” as she’d hoped she would.

“Well here I am. Beach whaled AF. Sweaty. Wearing a liner ― not because I’m that kind of wet,” Watts wrote. “I have a rash on my stomach from stretching skin. My breasts are weapons they’ll knock anyone out. Heavy breathing. My last shaving job was a touch a feel job.”

She continued, however, with a sweet tribute to her husband. “I’m filled with 10 fingers, 10 toes and all sorts of body parts that stick out. And he’d still happily call me beautiful and sexy,” she wrote.

In spite of the leaking, sweating, moaning and groaning, Watts said her husband still desires her.

“Maybe he’s one of those people that like this kinda situation? Or maybe he is just an amazing, caring doting and a terrible liar partner of an over emotional stretched pregnant wife,” she concluded. “Either way ― I’ll keep him.”

Watts lives in New South Wales with her husband and three children. She’s currently pregnant with her fourth child, due in June.

Her Facebook post received over 3,000 likes. “I have had many people agreeing with me and feeling the same way I do,” she told The Huffington Post.

Indeed, the comments section is full of positive responses from fellow parents.

“I LOVE your honest sincerity!!” wrote one mom. “It’s quite refreshing to hear another momma out there saying the same things I do!”

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