09/04/2017 7:22 PM AEST | Updated 10/04/2017 11:17 AM AEST

The Funniest Tweets From Australian Twitter This Week

"Also it's extremely important we start saying 'hot cross buns' again, instead of 'secular perpendicular lines buns'."


Australian Twitter. It's a thing and it's a treasure-trove of commentary, musings and hilarious reactions to the circus that has been 2017 so far.

It was another chock-a-block week full of the stupid and stupidly awful and, as usual, Australian Twitter made sure to keep in-step with it all.

The Easter Egg fiasco reared its head again. As it does. Every. Bloody. Year. So Aussie Twitter responded in kind:

That disastrous Pepsi ad:

Oh and the pineapple debate which refuses to die:

Speaking of things which refuse to die, Mark Latham's very public descent continued to, well, descend:

Similarly, the rest of Auspol's goings-on helped to oil the comedy gears of Aussie Twitter:

And then there was just the general musings:

And it wouldn't be Australian Twitter -- or Twitter for that matter. Actually, no, it wouldn't be the internet, that's it, the internet -- without doggos: