11/04/2017 2:36 AM AEST

John Oliver Made This Sexual Harassment Ad To Educate President Trump

This ain’t the Catheter Cowboy’s first rodeo.

The “Catheter Cowboy,” John Oliver’s straight-talking cowpoke, was back in the saddle again on Sunday.

In a “Last Week Tonight”-produced PSA intended to air during “The O’Reilly Factor,” the cowboy lays down the law on sexual harassment.

Oliver said his show produced the ad to educate President Donald Trump after he expressed support for Bill O’Reilly amid revelations that the Fox News host paid millions to settle sexual harassment claims. Oliver explained Sunday that he didn’t hear back after submitting the spot on Friday, so he showed a snippet of it.

The Catheter Cowboy likened the abuse of power in harassing women to lubricating a catheter with hot sauce. “Why would you do that?”

Last month, the character made an appearance in order to send a message about healthcare to air during “Fox & Friends.”

Watch the heated and hilarious lecture above.