11/04/2017 1:20 PM AEST | Updated 11/04/2017 3:41 PM AEST

The 'Pink' Moon Will Be Exactly Opposite The Sun This Week

It will occur when the moon is directly opposite the sun.

SSPL via Getty Images
Even the universe is pink-obsessed.

The April full moon will rise this Tuesday, but this annual event is somewhat different from your garden variety moon.

Known as the 'Pink Moon', the lunar phenomenon will grace our skies over the next few days.

Sadly though, the moon doesn't actually turn pink. It was named the 'Pink Moon' by native Americans to denote seasonal changes.

While this is the first full moon of autumn for those of us living in the southern hemisphere, it is the first of spring in the northern hemisphere. This marks a time when the winter is gone and nature is reawakened.

The pink in the moon's name therefore, comes from a plant known as 'moss pink' or 'wild ground phlox' which is a flower that blooms quite early in the spring.

DmyTo via Getty Images
Here's what the 'Pink Moss' plant looks like.

As gorgeous as a rosy-pink moon would be, the April event also coincides with many religious events including the the beginning of the Jewish Passover,as well as the Hindu festival Hanuman Jayanti. Christians also determine Easter Sunday based on the moon.

The Pink Moon can be seen from April 11 until the late hours of the 12th. When it is visible, the moon will be positioned exactly opposite to the sun.

Some managed to capture the beauty of the moon's slightly pink tinge.

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